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TTArtisan 250mm f5.6 Reflex

TTArtisan 250mm f5.6 Reflex

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Since the 250mm f5.6 is out of stock, orders placed after June 24th are expected to be shipped in August. Thanks for your support and waiting.

Full Frame
Doughnut-shaped Bokeh
250mm Focal Length
Fixed F5.6 Aperture
Retro look
Full Metal Body
Comes with a Lens Hood

9 total reviews

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Application Model


Compatible with M42-Mount camera and other modern cameras with adapter

MTF & Optical Design


Focal length250mmFilter size67mm
Fixed apertureF5.6Closest focus distance2m
FrameFull FrameFocus methodManual
WeightAround 380gAngle of view10°
Optical Design6 Elements in 5 GroupsMountM42


Telephoto Reflex Lens

TTArtisan 250mm F5.6 Reflex is a compact telephoto manual lens. Due to the characteristics of its catadioptric design, the weight and size can be well controlled. It is designed for the M42-mount. But with an adapter, the lens is compatible with Sony, Fujifilm, Canon, Nikon and other cameras.

250mm Focal Length

Reflex/Mirror, By:Laciata Krowa

Doughnut-shaped Bokeh, By:Simon's utak

Lens Hood Included

Center-pinch Lens Cap

Fantasy Doughnut Bokeh

Use the TTArtisan 250mm F5.6 reflex lens to create a dreamy and special donut bokeh. This special bokeh combined with rich colors creates a unique imaging style that is very attractive.



By:Martin M.H

Reflex lens for portraits

Doughnut bokeh is a great artistic addition to add some liveliness and creativity to portraits.


Reflex Lens for Flowers

Due to the characteristics of its optical design,the lens is not only small and lightweight, but can also effectively control chromatic aberration and achieve excellent image quality. Using this lens to shoot flower subjects can produce images with rich colors and as beautiful as oil paintings.


Reflex Lens for MORE

The unique bokeh allows this lens to present a different image style from conventional lenses when shooting various subjects, and can add a lot of fun to an ordinary scene.

By: 相机操作员

By: Martin M.H

By:Laciata Krowa

250mm Focal Length

The 250mm focal length allows the photographer to capture clear and vivid images without getting close to the subjects.

By:Martin M.H

Lens Compression

Telephoto lens compression is a visual effect where the foreground and background in an image appear closer than they are.


Highly Reflective Metal Mirror

The reflectivity of light in a reflex lens plays a crucial role in the final image, and the TTArtisan 250mm F5.6 Reflex uses a metal mirror structure with a reflectivity of up to 98% to reduce the attenuation of light after two reflections.

48-layer highly reflective Medium

Multi-layer Ultra Low AR Coatings

*The data derived from TTArtisan’s optical design and testing.

Distinctive retro look

The lens design is classic and retro, with a delicate diamond-shaped structure of the focus ring and the bayonet ring that adds friction when using the lens and has a nice tactile quality to it.

Compatible Mounts

TTArtisan 250mm f5.6 is designed for the M42 mount, but you can use it on any mount you like with an adapter ring.

Easily adapted to Sony, Fuji, Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad and other cameras


It is a normal phenomenon that the centerline of thread mount lens is not aligned with the centerline of the camera, and it does not affect the use. If you need an adapter ring to use this lens, it is recommended to use an adapter with a centerline adjustment function (picture below left).

Vignetting Test

The TTArtisan 250mm F5.6 is a full-frame lens and has no vignetting when used on APS-C or full-frame cameras. When used on medium format cameras, the faint vignetting makes the work more artistic.

Medium distance

Closest focus distance

Infinite distance

Weighs Only 380 Grams

Because of the special optical design of the reflex lens, it is lighter and smaller than the conventional lens of the same specification.

Aviation Aluminium Anodised / Center-pinch Lens Cap / Lens hood included

Package List

Picture ListingQuantity
250mm F5.6 len*1
Lens Hood*1
Front Cap*1
Rear Cap*1
User Manual*1
Warranty Card*1

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Chan Pak Yuen

TTArtisan 250mm f5.6 Reflex

Sheung Pan Augustine Tsui
Nice to use lens

Lightweight and compact body design, flexible and convenient,
all metal construction, M42 mount, high quality lens

patrick duggan
love this lens

Unusual lens, donut bokeh, 250mm in a small bundle, great build quality, and SHARP.
This company keep doing it, new innovative products that don't cost the earth.

Jeff Rick
So much fun

It's a nice compact full-frame 250mm, but that bokeh is just so interesting (it looks like a special effect). I'm a video shooter but I would be tempted to use this for portraits: The background can have a real Monet feel. I dig that TTArtisan is starting to hone in on M42 as a lingua franca for their lenses. I wish they got into the rear-of-lens filter game. For instance, if I could get a M42 to L-mount with a variable ND filter / or mist / or whatever inbetween, that would be amazing.

Netipikat Tangkapaisarn
Nice compact lenses for my medium format sensor

As I have ever use Rokkor 250 before, this one is build with compact and modern technology make it better contrast, as I use for Hasselblad camera trade with this compact size is no brainer