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APS-C 10mm F2 ASPH.

APS-C 10mm F2 ASPH.

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APS-C Frame
F2.0 Large Aperture
Nearly Zero Distortion
Comes with a Filter Holder and TPU Rubber Lens Cap

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Application Model

SONY E-mount

Camera settings: APS-C mode:A7、A7ll(A7M2)、A7lll(A7M3)、A7lV(A7M4)、A7R、A7Rll(A7RM2)  、A7Rlll(A7RM3)  、A7RlV(A7RM4)、A7RV(A7RM5)、A7S、A7SII(A7SM2) 、A7SIII(A7SM3)、A7C、A9、A9II、A1、ZV-E1、A7C2、A7CR

FUJI X-mount

X-A1、X-A10、、X-A2、X-A3、X-A5、X-A7、X-M1、X-H1、X-H2、X-H2S、X-T1、X-T10、X-T2、X-T20、X-T30、X-T3、X-T4、X-T5、X-T100、X-T200、X-T30、X-T30 II、X-PR01、X-PR02、X-PR03、X-E1、X-E2、X-E2S、X-E3、X-E4、XS10、XS20

Nikon Z-mount

Camera settings: APS-C mode:Z5、Z6、Z7、Z6II、Z7II、Z9、Z8、ZF

Canon RF-mount

Camera settings: APS-C mode:EOS R、RP、R5、R5C、R6、R6ii、R3、R8



MTF & Optical Design


Focal length10mmMaximum apertureF2
Closest focus distance0.25mMinimum apertureF16
FrameAPS-C FrameDiaphragm Blades8pcs
Filter size72mm (external filter holder)Optical Design13 Elements in 10 Groups
Angle of view105°Focus methodManual
WeightAround 333~345gMountE / X / Z / M43 / RF


Unleashing Creativity

Because wide angle lenses showcase much more of the scene than a normal lens can, making it ideal for landscapes, architecture, starry sky, and portrait photography.

105° Angle of View

The best feature of the APS-C 10mm F2 ASPH lens is its ultra-wide angle design. The full-frame equivalent focal length of 15mm allows it to capture more objects in a scene, whether it is stunning landscape or bustling cities.

Nearly Zero Distortion

Barrel or pincushion distortions are less distorted when shooting wide scenes with the APS-C 10mm F2 ASPH.
Ultra-wide-angle distortions are effectively controlled due to good optical structure design and precise manufacturing process of 10mm. Therefore, shooting with the APS-C 10mm F2 ASPH. has a more realistic and stunning visual effect, and is ideal for landscape photography, architectural photography, indoor photography , etc.

Create Amazing Portraits

Compared to telephoto large aperture lenses, wide angle lens does a good job of including enough of the background to give the portrait context. What's more, the perspective stretching feature of wide-angle lens can be used to create gorgeous and attractive portraits.

Ideal for Starry Sky

Ultra wide- Capture the milkyway
Large aperture - Lower ISO and better image quality
Less coma - Rounder star shape

Capture Dark Scenes

The F2.0 aperture allows more light to enter than the F2.8 aperture, giving it an advantage in shooting in low-light environments such as starry skies and night scenes.

Starburst Effect

The 10mm with 8 aperture blades produces a star with C, contributing to the attractive starburst effect.

Get Dramatic Effect

The APS-C 10mm F2 ASPH. offers an ultra-wide angle of view for dramatic effects. This lens is a good choice for both professional photographers and photography enthusiasts.

Aspherical Lens Elements

Designed with 2 aspherical elements, the APS-C 10mm F2 lens improves the aberrations and deformations that are prone to general ultra-wide-angle lenses.

Close-up Shot

APS-C 10mm F2 ASPH. is about 333-345g, which is small enough to carry around for traveling and shooting beautiful landscapes.

Compact and Portable

APS-C 10mm F2 ASPH. is about 333-345g, which is small enough to carry around for traveling and shooting beautiful landscapes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Lala Isasi Rion
Not much to say just amazing

For what it is you can't do better. Tested on a mft Gx9.

Anton Shovkoplias

APS-C 10mm F2 ASPH.

Dmitry K.
APS-C 10mm F2 - A great lens.

Just started getting back to digital photography. And having this lens with a Fujifilm XT30 is just amazing. It is steady in hand. All dials turn smooth and the picture quality is great. The manual focus for a first time can be tricky, but luckily the camera has and assist mode that highlights the areas in focus. I can really recommend this lens. This is the very first picture i took with the lens.

Rafael Safaryan
Small and convinient

Small and convinien lens. Sharp enough for such a small wideangle lens. Thans for the filter adapater included in the package with very popular 72mm filter thread

Victor Ferrer Rico
APSC 10 mm F2 Asph

Buena optica sin apenas distorsion y una construccion solida. Buen precio aunque un poco pesado