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TTArtisan AF 35mm F1.8

TTArtisan AF 35mm F1.8

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APS-C Frame
F1.8 Large Aperture
Stepper Motor
Eye Recognition Focus
ED Glass
Full Metal Body
Comes with a Lens Hood

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Application Model

SONY E-mount

Camera settings: APS-C mode:A7、A7ll(A7M2)、A7lll(A7M3)、A7lV(A7M4)、A7R、A7Rll(A7RM2)  、A7Rlll(A7RM3)  、A7RlV(A7RM4)、A7RV(A7RM5)、A7S、A7SII(A7SM2) 、A7SIII(A7SM3)、A7C、A9、A9II、A1、ZV-E1、A7C2、A7CR

FUJI X-mount

X-A1、X-A10、、X-A2、X-A3、X-A5、X-A7、X-M1、X-H1、X-H2、X-H2S、X-T1、X-T10、X-T2、X-T20、X-T30、X-T3、X-T4、X-T5、X-T100、X-T200、X-T30、X-T30 II、X-PR01、X-PR02、X-PR03、X-E1、X-E2、X-E2S、X-E3、X-E4、XS10、XS20

MTF & Optical Design


Focal length35mmMaximum apertureF1.8
Closest focus distance0.6mMinimum apertureF16
FrameAPS-C FrameDiaphragm Blades9pcs
Filter size52mmOptical Design10 Elements in 8 Groups
Angle of view45°Focus methodAF
WeightAround 199~210gMountE / X / Z


STM Stepping Motor

TTArtisan AF 27mm F2.8 lens adopts the "STM+leading screw" stepping motor, which is small in size and smooth in focusing.

Eye Detection

Accurate and agile eye detection makes it easy to capture wonderful moments when taking photos, and helps to shoot smooth images when recording videos.

Quick Capture

Excellent Performance

  1. Excellent night shots
  2. Soft bokeh
  3. Fast autofocus
  4. Multiple photography subjects
  5. Chromatic dispersion control
  6. Light and portable

Create more Possibilities.

F1.8 Large Aperture, Soft Bokeh

F1.8 aperture allows more light to enter the camera, which is beneficial for low-light photography.
In addition, the large aperture brings objects in the foreground into focus and blurs the background.

Low light shooting.

50mm Equivalent on Full-frame

35mm on APS-C is equivalent to 50mm on a full-frame camera, which is very close to what the human eye sees.

Get Creative

With its large aperture, autofocus and lightweight performance, the 35mm F1.8 lens is an ideal choice for portraits, Humanist photography, still life photography and other photography subjects.

Chromatic Dispersion Control ED glass

The lens uses ultra-low dispersion glass elements to help reduce purple fringing and improve clarity.

Shot with AF 35mm F1.8 (Zoom in)

Shot with lenses without ED-glass (Zoom in)

Metal material

The lens barrel and mount are made of aviation aluminum, and the metal texture perfectly matches the cameras.

Well-designed Firmware update Interface

The Type-C interface for firmware update of 35mm F1.8 is design

Note: 1.Type-C cable with data transfer function is required, 2.Upgraded with Windows system (Windows10 would be better).

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Blessing Hakim
TT Artisan 35mm f1.8 AF is the Best

The customer service great in assisting me with the puchase and shipping process to South Africa. The delivery was fast and the product even arrived before estimated date. The lens is beautiful, strong built quality, the black box it came in is like some amazing top secret James Bond/Pandora's box type of staff. The lens hood is very unique & sexy. The lens performance is outstanding. Amazing f1.8 aperture, great sharpness, superb 35mm focal length giving beautiful not too wide and not too tight shots. 8/10 focus breathing and fast focus tracking. Overall the lens is a total slam dunk for the price. I did a small gear review on the TTArtisan 35mm f1.8 AF Emount & TTArtisan 50mm F2 MF Emount lens you guys sent me in partnership with Victor Laforteza in 2022 when i was in Tanzania. The video is on my new youtube channel called 'The Film Team'. Thank you TT Artisan you are the Best. YouTube video placeholder
Ergo Stefano

TTArtisan AF 35mm F1.8

Serhii Vydaiko

Найкращий за таку ціну!

Mike Schubert-Groß
Tolles APS-C Objektiv für Sony E-Mount

Sehr gute Qualität und unschlagbar günstiger Preis.

Rona;d Davis
Highky Recommended!

This lens is inexpensive....but don't let the price deceive you... This AF lens delivers nice bright crisp images. Yes, there can be a flare occasionally...but 95% of the time it doesn't. So, if price/value is important...I recommend this lens. I shoot with this lens mounted on a Fuji XT-2 and get highly satisfying results! Thanh You TTArtisan!