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APS-C 25mm F2

APS-C 25mm F2

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APS-C Frame
F2.0 Large Aperture
Compact and Lightwight
Full Frame Equivalent to 37.5mm
0.25m Closest Focus Distance
Full Meatl Body

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Application Model

SONY E-mount

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Camera settings: APS-C mode:A7、A7M2(α7II)、A7M3(α7III)、A7M4(α7IV)、 A7R(α7R)、A7RM2(α7RII)、A7RM3(α7RIII)、A7RM4(α7RIV)、A7RM5(α7RV)、 A7S(α7S)、A7SM2(α7SII)、A7SM3(α7SIII)、 A7C(α7c)、A7C2(α7cII)、A7CR(α7cR)、 A1、A9、A9I、A9III、ZV-E1 ,etc.

FUJI X-mount

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Nikon Z-mount

Z50、Zfc、Z30 ,etc.
Camera settings: APS-C mode:Z5、Z6、Z7、Z6II、Z7II、Z9、Z8、Zf ,etc.


Leica:SL、SL2、SL2-S、SL3 ,etc.
Panasonic:S1,S1R,S1H、S5、S5M2、S5M2X ,etc.
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MTF & Optical Design


Focal length25mmMaximum apertureF2.0
Closest focus distance0.25mMinimum apertureF16
FrameAPS-C FrameDiaphragm Blades7pcs
Filter size43mmOptical Design7 Elements in 5 Groups
Angle of view61°Focus methodManual
Weightaround 166~189gMountE / X / Z / L/ MFT


Capture Street Life

25mm on APS-C is equivalent to 37.5mm on a full-frame camera, which is ideal for street photography.
The compact size makes it easier to carry around and take photos on the street.

By:Jeremiah Ramey

Sterling Lewis

By:Bokeh Therapy with Jack Wang


Storytelling Portraits

This lens allows you to capture subjects that are relevant to the environment and it helps you tell a story with photos. 


By:Matthew Ruderman

Large Aperture Increase Creative Fun

The maximum aperture can reach F2, which greatly enhances the degree of creative freedom - whether it is shooting in low-light environments or pursuing beautiful bokeh, the large aperture of F2 can meet your creative needs.


By:Matthew Ruderman

Keeping Images Clean in Night Shooting

The TTArtisan APS-C 25mm F2 lens has a maximum aperture that's about three to four times that of some standard kit lenses, with about half the light intake of F1.4. And there's no need to lower the f-stop to improve image quality. The F2.0 aperture is enough to maintain a safe shutter and low ISO for clean images in low-light photography


Excellent close-up function

The closest focusing distance is only 0.25 meters. Shooting scenes such as food, flowers, and small objects can show the details and beauty of these objects at a closer distance.



By:Matthew Ruderman

More Details

Clicked Aperture Ring

Metal lens cap

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Daniel Van Wyk
Brilliant Compact Pancake Lense

Compact lense for most everyday situations: Family,street,travel.Unobtrusive.Camera and lense can fit in a pocket.Images are sharp with excellent depth of field and wide enough to give interesting context.Manual aperture and focus settings.Bringing out the real photographer and artist in you.Take care to read the instructions and adjust your camera settings accordingly.

Great value manual lens

I've taken APS-C 25mm F2 on a trip recently. It was my first time using a manual lens, and also a first time using a prime. I didn't really struggle with those aspects. What bothered me were crazy light leaks and reflections while shooting at night - those have gotten really aggressive when I was exposed to street lights, and that made some of the footage basically unusable. Should I have known about this limitation, I'd buy a lens hood for that trip. Other than that, I enjoyed the experience.

Paul Guanio-Uluru
Great little lens

Great little lens, not perfect, but geat fun to shoot with. The results? Again, not perfect, just amazing.

Stephen McNally
good lens

great service, especially considering the distances.

David Stratton

Great for street photography.well built nice size