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M 28mm F5.6 Black

M 28mm F5.6 Black

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[Wide-angle Prime Lens]

With the ultra-slim profile and vintage aesthetic, TTArtisan M 28mm f5.6 is designed for immersive street photography. The ultimate height of 19mm is achieved by this lens, which weighs only 151g. Such light and portable feeling provide a better condition for creation and minimize the disturbance to the subject.

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Every M 28mm F5.6 lens comes with a hood.

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Customer Reviews

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Rene Bruun
Almost perfect.

Beautifully constructed, great quality at a reasonable price. Only fault is the lens hood doesn’t fit perfectly onto the lens. But that could be just a one off with my purchase. I’m still going to buy my next lens from TTArtisans.

Happy customer!

My lens purchase was delivered promptly, well packaged and protected. Presentation was very impressive. And lens quality is excellent. The 28mm f5.6 is quickly becoming one of my most used lenses for daytime street and landscape photography. I’m a happy customer!

Baris Tandogan
absolutely love this lens

I love this lens, its very well built and feels very good on the camera. Takes really sharp photos and the minimum focus distance is not an issue at all. The ghosting is a bit of an issue sometimes but I think if they painted the aperture movement ring inside the lens dark matte black instead of using anodized aluminum this would be a non issue. if they make a version two I think they should have f4 and solve the ghosting. 0.7 m focusing would also be cool.
does that mean you should not get this lens? no you absolutely should. It is sharp, small, very very well built and it is amazing for street photography or everyday photography. Can recommend 100%

Leica lover
Lens for classic black and white look

This lens is a fantastic little walk around lens for street photography. The combination of focal length and aperture makes the lens perfect for hyperlocal distance focusing. I bought this lens to force myself to develop a more liberated approach to framing and timing and this lens does it perfectly. The marking on the lens body makes this very easy.

Quality of the lens construction is superb. The lens hood is made of metal and harkens to old school Leica lenses from the 1930s-60s. I’ve found that having the lens hood mounted permanently was the better solution personally. The lens does flare easily.

An unexpected bonus is that this lens is fantastic for black and white photography. The lens formulation creates a wide range of mid tones, compared to contemporary lens design, giving plenty of options in post production to add contrast and blacks to achieve the ideal tonality.