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M-Z 6bit adapter ring

M-Z 6bit adapter ring

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Not available for 100mm f2.8 bubble bokeh M42 mount lens.

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Customer Reviews

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Ian Y.
Not bad for 1st Gen

First, I have to give credit to TTArtisan for making such a unique and useful product. This adapter is a dream to use on my Nikon Zf, though there are things I hope they improve if they ever make a Mk2 version.

First, my copy of this adapter is a little loose on the mount between the camera and the adapter, meaning there is a slight wiggle room once locked. Hopefully, they can tighten the tolerances so there is less of a loose feeling between the adapter and the camera.

Second, I wish there was a way to lock the focal length selector dial since I have managed to accidentally turned it while taking my camera out of my camera bag. Like most of us, taking your camera out of the bag is sometimes more convenient by grabbing between the lens and camera body rather than the body by itself. But by doing this, your fingers will naturally be placed on the dial, creating a high likelihood of accidentally switching focal lengths. Though this issue seems minor, it would be greatly appreciated if corrected on the next version.

Lastly, it would be great if there are more focal lengths added especially on the wider end, like 24mm, 21mm and the typical ultra wides from Voigtlander like 10mm and 15mm.

Overall this product does what it advertises and I would buy it again. The quality is great and the price is reasonable. But I do look forward to a Mk2 version. Rooting for you TTArtisan!!!

Oliver Gassner
Electronics work, but focus scale on lens is way off.

The electronics part of the adapter works as advertised.
All focus aids of my Nikon zf are available (after a firmware update of the adapter).

But the adapter makes reliable zone focusing impossible due to the wrong thickness of the adapter. All my lenses reach infinity focus way before the infinity stop of the lens (between 5 and 8 meters).

Eric Milewski

This is an amazing adapter for all Z camera users who are interested in some of the best manual camera lenses available on the market.

Lance G
Exactly what I need M-Z

My Leica lens works flawlessly with my new Nikon Zf camera thanks to this adapter from TTArtisan and I'm able to capture EXIF data. Well built, solid, no issues adapting the lens to the camera, I would highly recommend.

Edward Russell
Big improvement but still a few limits

Great adapter, with a few caveats:

My six M lenses do not have 6bit code. The M-Z ring gets a false reading on several of them. The workaround is to set the focal length and press reset before mounting the lens.

All lenses without 6bit codes appear as maximum aperture f/0.95. This does help somewhat in identifying that the M-Z adapter was used, but limits the available recorded setting to f/5.6. In this case I just regard that as f/5.6 or greater. (6bit lenses set the aperture range properly.)

I also have several lenses that don't have focal length settings available on the M-Z, notably 20mm and 40m. Testing with the closest available setting (28 for 20, 35 for 40) showed a bit of degradation in stabilization, but not too bad. In low light shooting I can revert to a manual ring and use in-camera lens profiles.

Overall the M-Z 6bit adapter ring has greatly improved shooting with M lenses on my Z7. I prefer the combination to my vintage M6.