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50mm F2.0 Multi mounts

50mm F2.0 Multi mounts

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Full Frame
F2.0 Aperture
Around 200g
50mm Standard Focal Length
0.5m Closest Focus Distance
Clicked Aperture Ring
Full metal body

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Application Model

SONY E-mount

A7、A7M2(α7II)、A7M3(α7III)、A7M4(α7IV)、 A7R(α7R)、A7RM2(α7RII)、A7RM3(α7RIII)、A7RM4(α7RIV)、A7RM5(α7RV)、 A7S(α7S)、A7SM2(α7SII)、A7SM3(α7SIII)、 A7C(α7c)、A7C2(α7cII)、A7CR(α7cR)、 A1、A9、A9I、A9III、ZV-E1 ,etc.
α5000、α5100、α6000、α6100、α6300、α6400、α6500、α6600、α6700、 NEX-3、NEX-3N、NEX-3R、NEX-C3、NEX-F3、NEX-5、NEX-5T、NEX-5R、NEX-5N、NEX-5C、 NEX-6、NEX-7、 ZVE-10、FX30 ,etc.

FUJI X-mount

X-A1、X-A10、X-A2、X-A3、X-A5、X-A7; X-M1; X-H1、X-H2、X-H2S; X-T1、X-T10、X-T100、X-T2、X-T20、X-T200、X-T3、X-T30、X-T30II、X-T4、X-T5; X-Pro1、X-Pro2、X-Pro3; X-E1、X-E2、X-E2S、X-E3、X-E4; X-S10、X-S20 ,etc.

Nikon Z-mount

Z5、Z6、Z7、Z6II、Z7II、Z9、Z8、Zf ,etc.
Z50、Zfc、Z30 ,etc.


Leica:SL、SL2、SL2-S、SL3 ,etc.
Panasonic:S1,S1R,S1H、S5、S5M2、S5M2X ,etc.
Sigma:FP、FPL ,etc.


Olympus:EPM1、EPM2; EPL1、EPL2、EPL3、EPL5、EPL6、EPL7、EPL8、EPL9、EPL10; E-P1、E-P2、E-P3、E-P5、E-P6、E-P7; E-M1、E-M1II、E-M1III、E-M1X; E-M5、E-M5II、E-M5III; E-M10、E-M10II、E-M10III、E-M10IV; OM-1、OM-1II、OM-5; PEN-F ,etc.
Panasonic:G1、G2、G3、G5、G6、G7、G85、G95、G100、G9、G9II ; GF1、GF2、GF3、GF5、GF6、GF7、GF8、GF9、GF10; GX1、GX7、GX8、GX80、GX85、GX9; GM1、GM5; GH1、GH2、GH3、GH4、GH5、GH6,etc

MTF & Optical Design


Focal length50mmMaximum apertureF2.0
Closest focus distance0.5mMinimum apertureF16
FrameFull FrameDiaphragm Blades10pcs
Filter size43mmOptical Design6 Elements in 5 Groups
Angle of view45°Focus methodManual
Weightaround 190~210gMountE / X / Z / L/ MFT


Carry Freely

TTArtisan 50mm F2 is about 3.5cm in length and only about 200 grams in weight.
Combo with your camera is more suitable for traveling and enjoying creation anytime, anywhere.

F2 Bright and Large Aperture

The large aperture of F2 has relatively less noise in low-light environments, thereby improving image quality. In addition, the large aperture can also be used to create a beautiful bokeh.



By:Maxim Gustarev

50mm Standard Focal Length

50mm is known as the standard focal length. The viewing angle is very close to the actual human eyesight---neither too much deformation nor too compressed space.
No matter you are a professional or shutterbug,50mm is a neccessary lens.

By:James Parkinson

Clicked Aperture Ring

Advanced configuration bring you a fantastic Photography experience

Full Metal Body

The whole body was well built with aviation aluminum, Anodizing process.

Threaded Front Cap

The mechanical structure protects the lens away from scratching and dust.

Turn clockwise to open, Turn counterclockwise to close

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
David Jönsson

50mm F2.0 Multi mounts

Cant beat it

I originally bought this as a fun lens to use instead of my Sony Vario Tessar FE 24-70. Turns out I'm using it more. As long as you don't mind a manual lens, this cannot be beat for the price. Only bad thing about it is it can be a little soft at f/2 but I did some testing and found it's tack sharp at f/4. The build quality is absolutely untouched by even the highest end brands and the metal lens cap is a really nice touch.

Full frame or APs?

When using a 50mm f2.0 on RF mount full-frame camera needs to be switched to an APS-C mode? If switch to aps-c it will compact and reduce the frame no?

Bert Bakker
Manual with glance

Photography as it is meant to be !

Paul M
Great Pancake Lens

The lens punches above its price and renders like vintage glass. I am happy with this purchase.