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90mm F1.25 Multi Mounts

90mm F1.25 Multi Mounts

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Full Frame
F1.25 Large Aperture
Focal Length of Portrait
Clicked Aperture
4 Sets of Achromatic Doublets
Comes with a Lens Hood
Full metal body

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Application Model

FUJI GFX-mount

GFX50S、GFX50R、GFX50SII; GFX100、GFX100S、GFX100II ,etc.


CFV ii 50C、CFV 100C、X1D、X1DⅡ-50C、X2D-100C ,etc.

MTF & Optical Design


Focal length90mmMaximum apertureF1.25
Closest focus distance1mMinimum apertureF16
FrameFull FrameDiaphragm Blades10pcs
Filter size52mmOptical Design10 Elements in 9 Groups
Angle of view27°Focus methodMF
WeightAround 1031~1055gMountGFX / XCD


4 Sets of Achromatic Doublets

Dispersion is a common optical phenomenon, especially in fast lenses. 4 sets of Achromatic Doublets are used in 90mm f1.25 lens to significantly improves the chromatic aberration and the resolution performance, presenting excellent image quality.

CA of Achromatic Doublets *4

CA of Achromatic Doublets *1

First Choice for Portrait & Close-up Beauty

Its high speed and the unique aesthetics of its depth of focus make this telephoto lens the first choice for portrait photographers. The angle of view is 27 degrees. It highlights the main body while avoiding the suffocating sense of space compression caused by super telephoto lens.

By:子意(GFX 50R)

Smooth Bokeh with Fast F/1.25 Maximum Aperture

Extremely fast f/1.25 maximum aperture affords notable control over depth of field for selective focus shooting, and also benefits handheld shooting in difficult lighting conditions. The smooth transition between the focus object and the bokeh creates a dreamy picture with an ideal depth of field and fascinating background blur.


Lens Hood Reverse Attaching


Take off the lens hood


Rotate the front lens cap counterclockwise


Install the lens hood on the lens clockwise



A Clicked Aperture Ring

The aperture ring is stepped with the right amount of resistance and click, marking on full stops from f/1.25 to f/16.

Adequate for meidum format camera

There is a little bit of vignetting when mounted on medium format cameras (Fuji & Hasselblad) . A sample is attached below.

By:子意(GFX 50R)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Darren Larose
Great sharp lense with soft edges

First off, 5 stars for value. Around $800.00 you get a very sturdy and sharp lense. Like everyone else there are some quirks with it. My major thing is the soft corners. Could because I have only used it for a month and haven't come close to perfect my use with it, but there ya go.

Peter Kolev
Excellent lens!

Awesome lens with amazing character for medium format!

Franz Scheurer
Must-have for Hasselblad X Users

Terrific lens, covers the sensor and shines with extremely narrow depth of field, which really does separate object from background.

Caccia Enrico
Dream catcher

If you are looking for a special lens with main focus on "dreamy looks" and creamy Bokeh you will have plenty of fun with it, as I had (and have). If you are searching for technical perfection don't buy it. With the Hasselblad X1D only to use with electronic shutter with all its drawbacks, but that is not the fault of TTArtisan... For complete review (on german) see:

Jussi R.
Paper thin depth of field

The 1.25 aperture gives paper thin, surreal depth of field. In bright sunlight, you need a strong ND (like 64 or 6) filter to use the lens wide open. With my Hasselblad X2D the lens must be used with digital shutter, and that is extremely slow in reading sensor data (like 300 ms), and that limits the use somewhat. For example, no flash can be used. However, the lens can be used in natural light with somewhat still subjects. Landscape pictures can be shot hand held. Wide open the image is a bit soft. Bokeh is a bit Helios-like.