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Tilt 50mm F1.4

Tilt 50mm F1.4

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Full Frame
F1.4 Large aperture
Tilt function
Declicked aperture
Cine lens gear design
Full Metal Body

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Application Model

SONY E-mount

A7、A7M2(α7II)、A7M3(α7III)、A7M4(α7IV)、 A7R(α7R)、A7RM2(α7RII)、A7RM3(α7RIII)、A7RM4(α7RIV)、A7RM5(α7RV)、 A7S(α7S)、A7SM2(α7SII)、A7SM3(α7SIII)、 A7C(α7c)、A7C2(α7cII)、A7CR(α7cR)、 A1、A9、A9I、A9III、ZV-E1 ,etc.
α5000、α5100、α6000、α6100、α6300、α6400、α6500、α6600、α6700、 NEX-3、NEX-3N、NEX-3R、NEX-C3、NEX-F3、NEX-5、NEX-5T、NEX-5R、NEX-5N、NEX-5C、 NEX-6、NEX-7、 ZVE-10、FX30 ,etc.

FUJI X-mount

X-A1、X-A10、X-A2、X-A3、X-A5、X-A7; X-M1; X-H1、X-H2、X-H2S; X-T1、X-T10、X-T100、X-T2、X-T20、X-T200、X-T3、X-T30、X-T30II、X-T4、X-T5; X-Pro1、X-Pro2、X-Pro3; X-E1、X-E2、X-E2S、X-E3、X-E4; X-S10、X-S20 ,etc.

Nikon Z-mount

Z50、Zfc、Z30 ,etc.

Canon RF-mount

EOS R、RP、R5、R5C、R6、R6 Mark II、R3、R8 ,etc.
R7、R10、R50、R100 ,etc.


Leica:SL、SL2、SL2-S、SL3 ,etc.
Panasonic:S1,S1R,S1H、S5、S5M2、S5M2X ,etc.
Sigma:FP、FPL ,etc.

MTF & Optical Design


Focal length50mmMaximum apertureF1.4
Closest focus distance0.5mMinimum apertureF16
FrameFull FrameDiaphragm Blades13pcs
Filter size62mmOptical Design7 Elements in 6 Groups
Angle of view45°Focus methodManual
WeightAround 452gMountE / X / Z / RF / L


The Plane of Focus is in Your Control

As shown in the left figure below, there is no difference between the lens and the regular 50mm f1.4 lens when the tilt function is not used. With a large aperture, only part of the ducks are in focus and the rest of the image is bokeh. As shown in the right figure below, after using the tilt function and without changing the aperture, the focal plane is parallel to the sides of the three ducks, so all three ducks can be shot clearly.

Result without tilt function

Result with tilt function

State of the lens

State of the lens

Partial Focus Function

When taking pictures, we often encounter the need to only make some areas clear and other areas blurred. For example, for the lucky cat, if you want its face to be clear, and the torso to be blurred. If a regular lens is used, since the face and the torso are in the same focal plane, the face and the torso will stay clear at the same time. But using a tilt-shift lens can meet this need without changing the aperture, and making photos more artistic.

F1.4, Result without tilt function

F1.4, Result with tilt function

F1.4 large Aperture

The large-aperture lens brings valuable light in decreases ISO for a more transparent image.
And this beautiful blur provides a refreshing visual effects, which together with the tilt function brings the "Lilliput" effect.

Two Results for the Price of One

A tilt lens can be simply understood as: a conventional lens with a large imaging circle combined with a tilt mechanism becomes a tilt lens. Therefore, when the tilt angle is 0 degrees, it is a conventional 50mm f1.4 large aperture lens that can be used for normal portraits, humanities, sketches and other subjects. In addition, the optical performance is also more guaranteed. Because in the normal state, only the central part of the large image circle is utilized.

Video-Specific Optimization

The video clips from the perspective of "Lilliput" are novel and fun. For more convenient and professional video shooting, the lens has been specially optimized - the focus ring and aperture ring are designed to fit most focus followers in accordance with cine lens.

Fit with the follow focus

De-Click aperture brings smooth change

Tilt Mechanism

A mechanism that tilts the front part of the lens left and right.(more tilt angles can be achieved with the rotating mechanism). Through this mechanism, the angle between the focal plane and the plane of the CMOS can be changed.

Unlock the tilt knob, the lens can be controlled to tilted left and right

Rotation Mechanism

Used in conjunction with the tilt mechanism, the focus can be moved.(The maximum rotation angle of the rotating mechanism is 90 degrees). The rotating mechanism is marked every 15 degrees from 0 to 90 degrees and has a finite point, which allows for more accurate angle control.

Unlock the rotary knob to change the tilt direction

More Details

Tilt lock

Rotation lock

Metal lens cap

Full metal body

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Ismael Aguilar Benitez
Excelente relación calidad precio

Muy buena calidad de construcción. entrega rápida y excelente precio.

Chi Ngo

Tilt 50mm F1.4

Uday Sodhiya
Good lense but shipping was poor

Hello, I am a wedding photographer from UKand I am in love with this lense. I want another one for my team by was bit disappointing with the shipping time because I missed two events before it actually arrived. Not sure if can order directly from you?


Kelly Hofer
Soft lens with annoying rotation lock

While I enjoy the speed and price of the lens, it is quite annoying to use, as the focus and aperture wheels are stiffer than the lens rotation, and therefore it has to be locked every time you readjust the lens rotation with a petit, hard-to-grip little thumbwheel.

I am also not particularly in love with how floppy the lens is when the tilt mechanism is unlocked. It would be much better to have just enough tension to hold its own weight. That, or have the tilt unlock wheel be geared to move the lens.

Finally, the little red dot used to align the lens to the camera is in the wrong location compared to a standard sony e mound lens.

Esperanza Han Soto Padrón
Good but...

It's really imprenssive how good it's the lens, however, it came so late the package...