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Tilt-Shift 100mm F2.8 2X Macro

Tilt-Shift 100mm F2.8 2X Macro

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Discover a Hidden Miniature World

T&S 100mm F2.8 Macro 2X

※The following mounts with tilt shift function

SONY E-mount

A7、A7ll(A7M2)、A7lll(A7M3)、A7lll(A7M4)、A7R、A7Rll(A7RM2)  、A7Rlll(A7RM3)  、A7RlV(A7RM4)、A7RV(A7RM5)、A7S、A7SII(A7SM2) 、A7SIII(A7SM3)、A7C、A9、A9II、ZV-E1 A5000、A5100、A6000、A6100、A6300、A6400、A6500、A6600、NEX-3、NEX-3N、NEX-3R、NEX-5T、NEX-5R、NEX-5、NEX-5N、NEX-7、NEX5C、ZVE-10、FX30

Fuji X-mount


Nikon Z-mount

Z5、Z6、Z7、Z6II、Z7II、Z9、Z8 Z50、ZFC、Z30

Canon RF-mount

EOS R、RP、R5、R5C、R6、R6ii、R3、R7

(Can not be used on R10)


Olympus: EPM1、EPM2、EPL1、EPL2、EPL3、EPL5、EPL6、EPL7、EPL8、EPL9、E-P1、E-P2、E-P3、E-P5、E-P6、E-M1、E-M5、E-M10、E-M10II、E-M10IIII、PEN-F

Panasonic: G1、G2、G3、G5、G6、G7、G85、GF1、GF2、GF3、GF5、GF6、GF7、GF8、GF9、GX1、GX7、GX8、GX9、GM1、GM5、GM10、GH1、GH2、GH3、GH4、GH5





※The following mounts without tilt shift function

Fuji GFX-mount

GFX100、GFX 50S、GFX 50R、GFX100S   ※There is a little bit of vignetting when mounted on medium format cameras . A sample is attached below.

Canon EF-mount

EOS-1D X Mark III、EOS 5D Mark IV、EOS 6D Mark II  ,etc.

Nikon F-mount

D6、D5、Df、D850、D810A、D810、D780、D750、D610   ,etc.

Ideal Choice  for Macro

TTArtisan 100mm F2.8 2x Macro adopts an optical structure of 14 elements in 10 groups, including 6 high-index lenses. This is a medium telephoto lens with a tilt& shift function, and it's ideal for macro photography, product photography,and portrait, etc.

2X Magnification

Capture the intricate beauty of small subject.

Cold Shoe Mount Bracket

Attach the cold shoe mount bracket to the 4 screw holes on the front of the lens and the cold shoe mounts can attach external devices such as LED lights.

Note: Only one cold shoe bracket is included in the package box. LED lights are not included.

Smooth Bokeh

The 100mm f2.8 features 12-blade circular apertures that produces nearly circular bokeh, which is smooth and natural.

Minimum Focus Distance

The minimum focus distance is 0.25m. This lens allows you to get exceptionally close to the subject, while keeping sharp image quality.

Clicked  Aperture Ring

The precise and smooth feel of aperture gives you a good shooting experience.

Tilt Shift, Give some fun results

Featuring tilt, shift and rotation capabilities


The tilt angle can be adjusted 8°, with the following main features:

1.Change the Plane of Focus

When you use a normal lens, the focal plane is parallel to the sensor, and the depth of field can be increased by narrowing the aperture so that more of the subject is in focus. But by tilting the lens allows the plane of focus not to be parallel to the sensor, it changes the plane of focus and alters the depth of field.

2.Selective Focus

The Tilt function can be used to control the orientation of the focal plane, and thus the part of an image that appears sharp.


The lens can be shifted by ±6mm, with the following main features:

1.Correct Perspective

The Shift function can be used to correct perspective distortion in architectural photography, product photography and other creative photography.

2.Avoid Movie Mistakes

The specular reflection will make the camera visible. If you want to make the camera invisible, the normal lens can only be done by changing the shooting position. However, in the case where the shooting position cannot be changed, using a Tilt-shift lens can solve this problem.

Tilt/Shift Vignetting

By tilting or shifting, it is normal that there will be vignetting on one side.          The degree of vignetting depends on the different magnifications (No vignetting when used on X-mount and M43-mount cameras)

GFX-mount Vignetting

After using the Tilt or Shift, it is normal that there will be vignetting on one side.

Lens Specification

Lens T-S & Macro Only Macro
Mount E/RF/X/Z/L/M43 GFX/EF/F
Tilt None
Shift ±6mm None
Magnification 2:1
Focal length 100mm
Maximum aperture F2.8
Minimum aperture F22
Frame Full Frame
Angle of view 24°
Optical Design 14 Elements in 10 Groups
Filter size 67mm
Closest focus distance 0.25m
Diaphragm Blades 12pcs
Focus method Manual
Weight Around 695~845g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Andrew Basson ZA
Sharp and versatile

As a macro photographer from South Africa, I am always on the look for macro lenses that offer more than just the normal, with the additional tilt and shift function that is provided with this lens it allows a bit more when compared to your normal fixed macro lens.

From my use case, I use the Fuji X version mounted on my XT5 with its very demanding high resolution sensor, I mainly hunt insect that run away supper fast after my flash pops making it essential for me that I manage to grab proper focus before I start shooting, at the time of review I have put around 16 717 photos on the lens itself, it has become a lens that does not get taken off my camera.

Handling, the lens itself is built like a tank, full metal construction, with a easy to turn focus ring and a aperture ring that has nice positive clicks as you move it around, the tilt and shift and rotate locks work well together with a nice feel to them when turning them, the tilt action wheel sometimes gets a tiny bit lose for myself as I move the camera around in my camera bag a good amount.

Manual focusing o the lens has been rather easy, even fun when combining the tilt action, allowing me to tilt the lens for optimal focus on my subjects without needing to try stack a bunch of photo together to get similar result, best of all due to the tilt function I have been able to capture proper correct focus with a single shot, making it supper easy to work with insects that only allow for one photo max before they fly away.

Image quality has been amazing, the lens resolves all the details from my Fujifilm XT5 without a problem, I shoot at F8 most of the time and the amount of micro contrast and sharpness I am able to achieve has been a blessing allowing me to crop my photos a bit and still retain all that lovely detail. I would say the quality is on par with other lenses on the market, at max magnification as well at infinity focus we retain detail level at both, with close up quality being much better.

Tilt and shift function on the lens offers some interesting shooting options particularly when using the lens for portraits or product photography, in both cases the tilting function allows us some interesting as well some handy perspective correcting, helping to keep thing looking upright or getting extreme out of focus areas for portrait work, I used it at a 90 degree rotation, full tilt F2.8 and was happy with the outcome for my portraits.

Macro the tilt function becomes handy for getting the most out of a single shot as possible, it allowed me with a bee as example below to grab the head in focus as well at the same time grab the wing in focus even though the wing was slanted backwards, something that you normally can only do by stacking multiple photos I managed to pull off with a single photo, saving me heaps of time.

I can definitely recommend this for product as ell macro photography, at this price point there is nothing else on the market that can beat it, being able to have access to the type of quality I get from my photos and on a budget as well, hell this might be the lens I gift to friends the most over the holiday season, I will be suing this lens for the foreseeable future.

Simone Acquaroli

Tilt-Shift 100mm F2.8 2X Macro

James Carroll
Beautiful Lens

This is easily my favorite lens. There is a learning curve, but one you get adjusted to it, it's a dream. Solidly built. Wonderful images. Has not left my Z7II since it arrived.

Richardt Dethlefsen

Every thing is fine

Andrejs Zavadskis

here is review video